EUR 4,200 - 6,400 net - B2B
About us

We are a company with over 10 years of experience in professional venture building and sales of developed companies to trustworthy investors. For us, the foundations of business development are cross-functional teams of experienced specialists. This is why ICEO's motto says that people are the ones who really matter. We focus on the constant development of our employees’ competence and job satisfaction. Thanks to that, the average employment period in our company is around 5 years.

We efficiently receive funding for the companies built in our environment. We are running an investment fund that will only help us in faster and more productive development.

Due to our growing position, we are looking for a DevOps Engineer who will support both currently performed projects (Norion, ArmiTrade) as well as the ones that are bound to start this year!

Working in ICEO gives you the possibility of working with a well-qualified team and continuous improvement of skills thanks to dealing with technically advanced tasks and participation in the internal training system.

Being in our company is also equivalent to taking part in the decision-making process, related to both product development and technology.

Do you want to learn more about us?

  • Visit our profile on Clutch and learn the opinion about us from our clients

  • Go to our website and check who achieved big success with our help.
  • Working in: a company with an established position in the market, an industry where you just can’t get bored, and an environment where everybody has got something to say;

  • 26 days of annual paid leave;

  • Possibility of joining the company on employment contract;

  • Private medical care package (Medicover Premium);

  • Sports package (Multisport Plus);

  • Hardware package;

  • Internal training;

  • Funds for external training, workshops, and conferences;

  • Permanent full-time cooperation;

  • Flexible working hours;

  • Working remotely or from the offices located in Kraków and Poznań;

  • Coworking space;

  • Attendance in business meetings and integration events;

  • Professional onboarding process.

And many others — we appreciate the initiatives coming from our employees, so we are open to your ideas, concerning both the improvement of working conditions and products or startups!


The projects realized currently by our company operate in the Fintech industry. They are related to the crypto world to varying degrees - they integrate with Blockchain or communicate with cryptocurrency exchanges from all over the world.

Norion is a platform developed with a mission to simplify navigating the world of Web 3.0 and blockchain. The project's community will get tools to manage their investments and portfolios within the crypto market in an informed and efficient way. Norion's goal is to create a safe harbour for anyone who wants to fully embrace the potential of the Web 3.0 industry, regardless of experience or level of expertise.

AdmiTrade is a company focusing on various aspects of cryptocurrency trading. Competence in the areas of technology, blockchain, and capital market led to the establishment of an algorithmic trading platform operating on both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Thanks to the use of well-built tools AdmiTrade is also professional in Market Marking services, providing liquidity, and token animation.

Methodology / Tech-stack

We build multi-disciplinary teams (8-10 people) within business functionality.

We have daily meetings with the DevOps team. You can also participate in the lodge meetings where we share our knowledge and talk about the problems in teams of backend developers and DevOps.

  • Communication: Slack, Google Meet,

  • Work management: Jira,

  • Documentation: Confluence,

  • Repository: Bitbucket,

  • Automation & IaC: Bash; Ansible; Terraform,

  • Observability: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Fluentd, Grafan Loki, Prometheus, Grafana,

  • CI / CD: Bitbucket Pipelines, ArgoCD,

  • Containerization & orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm,

  • Security: Hashicorp Vault, Okta,

  • StatefulSet: PostgreSQL, Redis Sentinel, Apache Kafka,

  • HTTP: Nginx & Ingress-Nginx, Traefik; Apache HTTP Server.
  • Working with programmers in organizing the CI/CD practices and ongoing support in software development.

  • Creation of documentation from the implemented solutions.

  • Research and potential development of new solutions in the market.

  • Building and maintaining tools that help in the automation of the software development process in all stages.

  • Caring for keeping the right balance between a high level of security and comfort and flexibility of teamwork.

  • Creation, maintenance, and development of infrastructure within GCP and GKE.

  • Cooperation with other teams.

  • Participation in daily meetings and planning.

  • Evaluation of work of other DevOps engineers.
Key competencies

What do we expect from you?

  • Knowledge of at least one programming/scripting language: Bash, Python, GoLang.

  • Practical knowledge and experience in using Linux on administrating level (Debian/Ubuntu).

  • Knowledge of issues concerning LAN/WAN network, Firewall, proxy servers, Load Balancers, and popular networking protocols: HTTP(s), DNS, SSH, TCP/IP, and network services REST.

  • Knowledge of containerization system Docker.

  • Knowledge of CI/CD systems and version control.

  • Knowledge of the Kubernetes platform and Helm

  • Experience in using at least one public cloud operator: GCP, AWS, Azure.

  • Knowledge of HA subject and open source tools for HA realization.

  • English language skills (B2) sufficient for the free use of documentation.

Nice to have:

  • Practical knowledge and experience in using tools for automation: Terraform, and Ansible.

  • Knowledge of Argo CD and Argo Rollouts.

  • Knowledge of technologies: Kafka, Redis, Nginx, Apache HTTP Server, Open VPN, Wireguard.

  • Practical knowledge of skills linked with scalability and high efficiency of systems with experience in production systems.

  • Experience in using technologies and tools: Cassandra, Spark, Solr, Jenkins.

  • Knowledge of tools for metrics: Grafana, Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana Mimir.

  • Knowledge of tools for logging in: Kibana, FluentD, Elasticsearch.

  • Configuration, management, and optimization of large databases PostgreSQL.

  • Knowledge of JVM technology.

  • Knowledge of SSO and Okta technologies.
The course of the job interview

Maximum of two stages:

Stage 1 — screening

  1. Soft part

    • Introductory conversation — about the company in the Venture Builder’s approach, the objectives of the company, the team, and completed and currently realized projects.

    • Discussion about salary expectations, a form of employment, and organizational issues.
  2. Technical interview

    • Interview about the candidate’s experience and background.

    • Technical interview — questions about the solution architecture, good practices, and the knowledge of tools.

Optionally stage 2 — technical task:

  1. Technical task.

    • The short technical task to be solved after the interview.

    • A conversation about the task details.
  2. Additional technical questions.