Senior Frontend Developer

PLN 20,000 - 35,500 net - B2B
About ICEO:

We are a venture builder and for over 10 years we have been creating innovative startups that are recognized on the market - they quickly gain customers and investors. We specialize in technologies such as blockchain, big data and fintech. The media in Poland and abroad, including Forbes and Newsweek, wrote about our projects.

Working as a developer at ICEO gives you the opportunity to work with a team of professionals - from other developers to DevOps! What's more, the work of a developer in our company is not only programming - it is also active participation in creating the product concept, planning its development and selecting the technologies used.

ICEO also offers the possibility of development towards the managerial level. By becoming a member of our team, you have the opportunity to work as an Epic Team Leader and be promoted to the position of Head of Development of a new product!

About the project:

Norion is an innovative lab that combines technological, business and legal competences, thanks to which innovative and complete tokenization ecosystems are created. Norion's mission is to support clients in transferring value to the digital world and moving in the space of Web 3.0, DeFi and Metaverse. Customers can draw on the experience, proven methods of operation and Norion's proprietary technologies. This opens up an opportunity for efficient building of solid business models, long-term growth, community involvement and maximum use of the potential of tokenization.

Methodology and technology stack:

We work in the Kanban methodology. We build multidisciplinary teams (8-10 people) within business functionalities, which consist of specialists in various fields (frontend, backend, qa, design). As part of the epics, we meet on a daily or update calls, we have a Frontend call twice a week, we also have meetings between departments. In addition, we maintain constant contact with each other during the working day in our virtual office.

Development: React v17 + TypeScript, MUI v5, Redux Toolkit, Axios, i18next,

Tests: React Testing Library, Cypress

Design: Figma, Storybook, Zeroheight

Communication: Slack, Virtual Office (internal tool based on Google Meet)

Work management: Jira

Documentation: Confluence

Repository: Bitbucket

Monitoring: Grafana, Kibana

Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, GCP

Your responsibilities will include:
  • development of frontend components while maintaining high code quality,
  • development of frontend views in accordance with the provided design,
  • code review of the work of other developers,
  • writing unit / integration tests,
  • code versioning according to git flow,
  • support in the software development process - research, conception, development of architectural knowledge,
  • cooperation with the epic team.
What we expect from you:
  • Minimum 4 years of commercial experience in developing frontend solutions,
  • Very good knowledge of React,
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript (ES6+) and TypeScript,
  • Very good knowledge of Redux and Context API,
  • Knowledge of RWD principles and the ability to code the interface based on mock-ups,
  • Experience in working with REST APIs,
  • Ability to debug code and optimize application performance,
  • Ability to test code using frontend libraries, e.g. RTL,
  • Advanced skills in web application architecture design,
  • Knowledge of English allowing for free communication (min. B2).
Nice to have:
  • Experience in working with the MUI library,
  • Experience working with git flow and CI/CD,
  • Experience in working with WebSocket, GraphQL,
  • Knowledge of tools included in modern frontend ecosystems (npm, webpack, ESLint, Prettier, Husky, Storybook, Rollup, etc.),
  • Business understanding of the product,
  • Domain knowledge from the FinTech sector and knowledge of the crypto industry.
Career Path:
  1. Senior Frontend Developer / Tech Lead - programming, technological decision making, management of team tasks.

  2. Head Of Development - full responsibility for the architecture as well as for the entire lifecycle of the system and the work of the team in the project. An understanding of business requirements and ability to translate them into architecture is a must for this position. Prioritization of tasks leading to the creation of a product and elimination of technical debt is also required.
Benefits and perks:
  • salary PLN 20,000 - 35,500 net - B2B
  • up to 26 days of annual paid leave,
  • Medicover Premium private medical care package,
  • MultiSport Plus package,
  • equipment - desktop computer / laptop, monitors and office accessories,
  • full-time employment,
  • the possibility of adjusting working hours, no overtime,
  • work in remote mode or from pur office in Kraków or Poznań,
  • the opportunity to participate in an internal training program,
  • work in an atmosphere of innovation, in a multidisciplinary team of professionals.
  • Career path enabling constant development and reaching managerial level,
  • participation in business and integration meetings,
  • professional onboarding process,
  • and many other extras that will make you feel good :)
Recruitment Process:

Our recruitment process includes a maximum of two stages.

1st stage:

  • An introductory conversation, during which we will tell you about us and the Venture Builder approach, our goals, the team and about completed and ongoing projects. At this stage, we will want to know your current situation in the context of changing jobs, financial expectations and preferred form of employment.
  • A technical interview during which we will want to know your experience. We will ask you a few questions about solution architecture, good practices and knowledge of specific tools.

Stage II (optional):

  • Technical task and discussion about it. As part of the recruitment process, we may ask you to perform a short technical task at home, which is closely related to the competencies required for this position. This is a picture of our stack in a nutshell. Then we meet and discuss the task together.