Senior Venture Building Associate

PLN 12,000 - 15,000 net - B2B
About ICEO

ICEO has been building innovative startups in Blockchain, Fintech and Big Data for more than 10 years. We are a venture builder with experience founding companies that succeed in the marketplace. Forbes and Newsweek have written about our projects.

About the role

Due to further expansion plans, we are looking for a Senior Venture Building Associate, whose main task will be to participate in the process of finding, validating and developing ideas for new start-ups. What will you be involved in?

You will be involved in finding interesting projects and creating initial concepts for new startups. You will also verify and recommend concepts for new startups based on conducting analyses, tests and experiments, including checking key risks in terms of market potential, future product adoption, as well as possible customer segments and their real needs, among others. You will also be responsible for further early development of the startup.

Are you characterized by passion and commitment to creating new, innovative companies? Are you open to learning, new challenges and feedback? Do you have the ability to think critically, look for out-of-the-box solutions and are comfortable working in a team? In the position of Senior Venture Building Associate, you will play a key role in the initial formation of the company. Among others, the go to market strategy and communication of new products will depend on you. Join us and start a job that will become your new passion!

Your responsibilities will include:
  • market and strategic analysis on selected projects for new startups and preparing recommendations,
  • active search for the most interesting ideas for start-ups,
  • monitoring market and investment trends,
  • analysis of potential ideas for start-ups,
  • conducting market analysis in selected areas,
  • preparing financial plans,
  • supporting the validation of ideas for start-ups,
  • deep market analysis in selected areas,
  • supporting the validation of ideas for start-ups,
  • creation of a G2M strategy and fundraising,
  • planning and execution of the Customer Development process,
  • designing scenarios for interviews with potential customers,
  • searching for potential customers and online/offline locations where target groups spend time,
  • contacting prospects / potential customers,
  • conducting interviews with potential customers, both independently and as part of other activities (e.g. lead gen, landing),
  • analyzing, synthesizing, and describing conclusions from activities,
  • structuring the information into Customer Journey, Jobs To Be Done, UVP oraz Lean Canvas,
  • supporting the implementation of the results in business development (product, functionality, communication, etc.),
  • making recommendations for further action based on the results of the experiments,
  • preparing customer materials, presentations and an initial product briefing based on the information obtained.
What we expect from you:
  • min. 3 years of experience in innovation / startup development / VC / sales,
  • cross-sectional knowledge of startup business models, understanding of the startup development process,
  • business acumen, knowledge of startups in Poland and abroad,
  • knowledge and hands-on experience applying key startup methodologies such as Lean, Customer Development, Design Thinking, Jobs To Be Done, Unique Value Proposition, or Mom Test,
  • the ability to independently and quickly find potential users of the product, make contacts and set up meetings using various dedicated tools (Lusha, Rocket Reach, etc.),
  • the ability to conduct interviews to obtain valuable information aimed at verifying the critical risks of the business model in terms of market potential and possible adoption of the solution,
  • the ability to hypothesize about a particular business project and to design the process of testing those hypotheses through experimentation,
  • proficiency in designing and preparing a brief for other research methods (surveys, landing pages, etc.),
  • the ability to design experiments and analyze their results,
  • the capability to design structured interview scenarios to obtain valuable information from respondents,
  • the ability to conduct interviews properly to obtain valuable information from potential target groups/customers and to understand their problems,
  • the knowledge of how to process information into valuable conclusions and present them efficiently and clearly,
  • highly developed analytical skills,
  • conveying complex concepts in an understandable and accessible manner,
  • the ability to make simple and logical financial forecasts,
  • the capacity to effectively research a particular market or industry,
  • the ability to act quickly and flexibly and to manage one's time,
  • the excellent knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint,
  • experience with A/B testing methodology, multivariate testing, and test design,
  • knowledge of Confluence, Jira, Miro, Notion,
  • teamwork skills.
Benefits and perks:
  • salary PLN 12,000 - 15,000 net + VAT - B2B,
  • up to 26 days of annual paid leave,
  • the possibility of employment on the basis of a permanent employment contract,
  • Medicover Premium private medical care package,
  • MultiSport Plus package,
  • equipment - desktop computer / laptop, monitors and office accessories,
  • full-time employment,
  • the possibility of adjusting working hours,
  • work in hybryd mode (WeWork in Warsaw),
  • the opportunity to participate in an internal training program,
  • a career path for continuous development,
  • participation in business and integration meetings.