Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
as a Service

Properly selected technology with lower cost, scalability and stable application. There is only one person who can help you achieve all this - CTO.

What can be avoided if you have CTO?

You will create an architecture that does not need to be rewritten or, what is worse, written from scratch because it does not work
He will arrange the development and work environment so that developers are satisfied and efficient, and as a result you will pay less for the implementation time
He will optimize the current architecture so that it is optimal for the wallet and has cost equable with the number of users
He will save you from oppression and any fire caused by various unforeseen circumstances

Experience in transformation projects


Risk assessment and determining the trajectory of projects in terms of specific architectural and business drivers.
Industries: medical, financial, insurance, energy, eCommerce


The strategy of rational refactoring and creating new domain models that are more relevant to the new reality. Complexity classes: monolithic legacy, hyper-efficient queuing systems, security.

Programs for competency development and management

Systemic career paths oriented towards the development of strategic competences. Evolution of developers into technical leaders and customer advisors. Scope: building paths and their criteria, assessment of competences and predispositions, selection of a development path, evaluation of progress.

Setting the path for the coming years with the lowest technological debt possible

With as low technological debt as possible, it causes a professional approach to the project.

Efficiency tuning

When you need expert intervention at the level of: operating system, database, virtual machine, UI
We offer a wide range of competences (Java, Scala, Kafka, Spark, Akka)

Multiple collaboration possibilities


Full time

Only 3 reasons why it pays off

Each of our experts has 9+ years of experience in various technologies

They are not trainers, but practitioners working as project advisers for startups and large institutions such as the WSE

Through as a Service, you can hire an expert only part-time = lower costs, same effect

Good CTO, does not mean only IT

Profits on the implementation of new technologies
Benefits from optimisation
IT Control
Business Support


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