Product Owner (PO)
as a Service

Product Owner is a person with a vision who can look at the project from the broadest perspective and prevent unnecessary actions.

5 reasons

Why do you need PO?

  1. Thanks to a clear roadmap of the product and proper production process management you will introduce the product to the market and start earning faster
  2. Can make people from different galaxies communicate with each other
  3. The PO attempts to anticipate the future needs of customers and establish a path of product development to ensure the profitability of the project in the future
  4. A good Product Owner is able to join to a project that needs thorough changes and propose a restructuring plan
  5. The OP defines the priorities and puts focus on their implementation. His task is to manage the backlog in such a way that the performed tasks will increase the value of the product.

Thanks to PO, you will build the best product!

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From idea to product From idea to product
Every business starts with an idea. It is the first stage that requires many hours of discussions, exploration of the market conditions and customer expectations. The support of experienced practitioners will help you develop visions of the prodcuts.
Strategy Strategy
Do you already know the main characteristics of your product? With the help of PO, you will create a strategy and business model that will determine what market you take over, how you will earn and what will make your product stand out of the competition. Clear goals will guide your future activities.
Product design Product design
Choose professionals who will design the graphics and the product interface that will fully meet your expectations and business goals. The professional support of UX experts will help you with the creation of a user-friendly solution.
Engineering Engineering
The choice of technology and the functional scope of the product are decisions that have a huge impact on the project costs. Careless architecture or the lack of scaling abilities can affect your success. An experienced CTO and PO will assist you in making these decisions.
Growth Hacking Growth Hacking
Are you struggling because of a small marketing budget? Look for non-standard ways to attract customers. Use the possibilities to contact the community or networking to reach the explicit target group and start earning money.

Good PO, what does it mean?

Excellent product knowledge
He understands the business goals, architecture and technology of the product, which allows him to identify development opportunities and potential market threats
Natural leader
He is able to convince the team to the adopted vision and motivate its members to work on its implementation.
He is critical of ideas and proposals. He carefully evaluates them before making a final decision. He openly and unequivocally expresses his opinions and needs.
He is able to aggregate information and feedback from many sources, and to formulate constructive conclusions basing on them.
He easily travels through the world of business indicators and technical terminology. He is a link between the reality of entrepreneurs and developers.
Builds MVP
He can use the resources in 100%. Example of that is using only those specialists from the Software House who have proven themselves during previous projects.

How does the cooperation look like?

Gathering business requirements, goals and assumptions

Accurate recognition and understanding of the project vision, as well as, of the goals and needs of all project stakeholders.

Research and workshops with the customer

Market research, analysis of product-related trends and confrontation of hypotheses with representatives of the targeted group.

Product concept development

Establishment of the list of priorities consistent with the requirements of the management board. Refining the business model, MVP version range and product architecture.

Product creation

Management of Backlog and team work. Control and approval of subsequent stages of the project.

Implementation planning

Developing a roadmap that will allow you to stay within the previously designated scope of work, time and budget.

Product development based on the feedback

Evaluation of each stage of product development in relation to the requirements of the board, but also the opinion of the test group of customers participating in focus research.

Product value maximisation

Optimisation of the product backlog so that the performed tasks achieve business goals and bring value to the customers.