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Always modern technologies

big data
machine learning
Ecommerce tools to track and analyze user behavior on the website via BIG DATA. The tool performs automatic actions for sales enhancements and creates shopping profiles to tailor the offer to consumers' preferences.
Application created for automating business processes. The graphical interface allows you to create diagrams without the need to engage IT professionals. This way you can reduce the amount of money needed to build your software, making it possible to remodel it at any time.
Document management platform, which automate their workflow and increase productivity. You can create fully editable document templates that you can share with others without fear of deleting them.
Implementation of IT solutions
We analize our clients needs and adjust the best solutions which are available on the market.
Creation of applications and IT startups
We create dedicated solutions in MVP model, which allows calibration of project at every stage of development.
We have a studio that allows you to create graphics, animations and videos.
UX experience design
Design of user behavior scenarios that allow the increase of awareness and comfort of using the solutions.
Building systems for online shops.
Handling of the advertisement campains on many chanells auch as: SocialMedia / Display / AdWords / SEO / SEM.
We have talented IT and Creation team, who have knowledge about new technologies. Most of them is in the column on the right.
We design dedicated apps for various devices.
Internet of Things
For the needs of projects we create devices needed for data exchange.
We help from A to Z. You can see our experience in Case Study.
Business Inteligence
Computerization of processes allows the control over the informations flow.
Products localization
We help to arise on the foreign markets and to locate product.
Sales Force
Sales process management, mobile sales support, online distribution, promotion management.
Affiliate system
Implementation of affiliate systems tailored to various business models.
Finance Managment
We have experience in buiding the applications to manage the financial operations such us cantors, exchanges, transactions systems, etc.
Implementation of software, which helps to increase the efficiency between partners.
Implementation of software, which helps to increase the efficiency between the company and final client.
Software suitable for the needs of companies of every brand and size for company resourses planning.
Smart Contracts
Applications performing precisely programmed functions withut the possibility of any interruption, censorship, fraud or interferenc by third parties.
Control over solutions quality
We look after the quality of solutions, using a bunch of procedures, which we update currently.
Decentralised accountants solutions, which allow to prevent the frauds or interference of third parties. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.
These are cheap transmitters that send a signal to your device when you approach them. When you enter a museum, a store or any beacon, they serve as your personal guide, telling you where you are or describing the object you came close to.
The standard of proximity communication.
Machine Learning
Technology that seeks to obtain a self-learning algorithm that makes decisions itself.
Augmented Reality
Augmented reality allows connecting the real world to a virtual one by imposing on video elements on the background in real time or wearing special tools adjusted to that.
Dynamic Content
Technology which allows adjusting contents to a specific user in real time.
Marketing Automation
Machine Learning
It identify visiting users and allows their segmentation for increasing the convertion.
Big Data
Elastic Search
We build and optimise the infrastructure for Big Data solutions. Our problems are the same which has Facebook, Amazon or Google.
System of content management with possible location of product. We use Grav or WordPress solutions, if the site is bigger we own the copyright solution.
Public data base about all of the transactions which were ever completed online. By its help, every user can find out about a contact blonging to a specific adrress in specific time. Databases persist as a result of the distributed efforts of multiple servers, making the database less prone to manipulation.
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