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Solutions based on
latest technologies

ICEOco LTD has the years of experience in the creation of startups and knowledge on how to optimize the business

We have solutions for:
  • IT solutions
  • Networking
  • Financing
  • Sales support
Medium-sized companies
  • New technologies
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Resource management
  • Marketing
Large companies
  • Outsourcing IT / Creation / Marketing
  • ERP / BPM / FMS
  • Technological improvements
  • Business solutions scaling

Do you create a startup
or you want to improve it?

Our experience allows you to create international solutions appreciated at market
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Implementation of software and IT solutions that increase productivity

Our every project is treated individually and we do it according to best practices
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Solutions ready to use
Dedicated solutions
Analysis / Audit

Optimization of user behavior (UX)

Every user is different, so we try to optimize each solution for the appropriate target group
Thanks to modern technology we are able to recognize user behavior and serve him dynamic content.
Dynamic content
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Creations combining art with usability

We work with global web trends
We can create for you:
Website or application project
Visual identity
Video spots
Online shops
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We create online shops
with marketing automation

We create shops in MVP model, ready to support greater amount of orders. We have experience in Bigcommerce based on dedicated scaffolding.
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Mobile applications

You will find our solutions on a variety of devices
See also our department of Internet of Things, home or company automation
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We increase the range of your product

We will take care of advertising your brand or product
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We advise how to spread your wings

We help in finding financing
We assist in the implementation of technologies
We help to gain competitiveness on the market
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We will fit our offer specially for you.
We know that you prefer creative solutions.