Copywriter / UX Researcher – Cracow

4.000 - 8.000 PLN + VAT (B2B) + 16 paid days off

We are a Venture Builder, which successfully builds up companies from scratch. You can find our projects under the tab "Stories". For 10 years ICEO has been creating UX-focused products. Many of them have been awarded with industry prizes.

We are looking for a talented researcher with the ability to plan, organize and produce scenarios, text architecture, content and mockups based on discussions with people in the team, clients or own research. Our new team member should be willing to learn and specialize in a specific project type.

The ideal candidate is a person who is able to write a text for the website, oversee the addition, ask developers to update it, and measure the effectiveness and results of the website in terms of traffic or conversion of a specific goal.

The next step is to create something bigger than a website, and that is digital products - see examples.

Understanding Digital Products - Important!

For this role it is crucial to understand research processes from the perspective of digital products. A common mistake made by researchers is to approach research on digital products in the same way as marketing communication.

We are looking for a person who perfectly understands digital products at the level of scenarios, contexts and usage patterns and who is able to map the users' micro goals. At the same time it is important to understand the business (e.g. why the system asks for an email before answering your request).

  • The ability to understand what kind of knowledge we are looking for in a given project and how to get it
  • Learning/training and acceptance of failure, which is an impulse for development in new areas (very important)
  • Planning research processes using a wide range of tools and techniques and the ability to adapt their use fully to the context and project requirements - usually involving communication with the target group or stakeholders in the form of a survey or interview
  • The search for new models, methods, techniques, the optimization of the product development process and the ability to present these in a text form that is easy to understand for different target groups
  • Close cooperation with design departments
  • Design of mock-ups and concepts
  • Data collection, the ability to draw conclusions based on analyses and prepare the presentation of results
  • Cooperation with ICEO clients in the field of research consulting and in the area of creating new products and their optimization
  • The ability to use various tools and programs, from the Office suite to competences in interpreting data from Google Analytics and similar analytical systems
  • The willingness to learn new things and tools
Required Qualifications
  • At least 2 years experience with digital products
  • Communicative and mainly focused on understanding others
  • Very well organized, can supervise and conscientiously execute tasks
  • The ability to analyse projects independently and to draw conclusions
Preferred Qualifications
  • Good English skills C1+
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, CMS, FB ads, Google Ads
  • Knowledge of marketing
Career Path
  1. Copywriter / UX Researcher
    • Writing attractive texts with a view to their understanding by the target groups and maximizing their conversion.
    • Training in the design of mock-ups.
    • Preparation of analyses and studies of the research carried out.
  2. Business Developer or CMO for a specific product
    • Business skills, product presentation at conferences, support of the marketing and sales department.
    • Managing content production, monitoring impact, conducting marketing campaigns.
  3. Product Owner
    • Full responsibility for the product in terms of logical application design and the ability to customize the interface in line with business objectives.
Benefits and Perks
  • Salary 4.000 - 8.000 PLN net (depending on experience and skills)
  • Accepted forms of cooperation other than B2B
  • Rapid development of your career along with the degree of involvement in projects
  • Work in a team of experts reviewed by the market
  • Permanent cooperation, full-time work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Fixed project teams with concentration on specific industries
  • Remote work - 90%
  • Business meetings, integration meetings - 10%