Frontend Developer

PLN 14,000 - 20,000 net - B2B

We are a venture builder and for over 10 years we have been creating innovative startups that are recognized on the market - they quickly gain customers and investors. We specialize in technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data and FinTech. The media in Poland and abroad, including Forbes and Newsweek, wrote about our companies.

Despite our successes, we are not standing still! Due to further development plans, we are looking for a programmer for the position of Frontend Developer.

The job of a developer at ICEO is an opportunity to work with a team of professionals - from developers to product and UX / UI experts to DevOps. We are a cohesive team united by the desire to develop new products and the joy of bringing them to market. In addition, the work of a developer in our company is not only programming, but allows you to actively participate in product conception, planning development and selection of technologies used.

When you join ICEO, you have the opportunity to expand your skills. We organize internal trainings where more experienced developers share their knowledge about the technologies we use.

ICEO also offers the opportunity to develop towards management. By becoming a team member as a front-end developer, you will have the chance to become a full-fledged Senior / Tech Lead and make technology decisions that have a real impact on product development. From this position, you are just one step away from being promoted to Head of Development, giving you full power and control over the architecture of new products! Does this sound interesting? Apply now!

Your responsibilities will include:
  • developing front-end components following best practices and maintaining high-quality code,
  • code review of the work of other developers,
  • writing unit tests,
  • versioning the code according to the Git flow,
  • supporting software development process - research, design, development of architectural knowledge,
  • participating in meetings in daily format,
  • participating in planning meetings,
  • collaborating with the backend team,
  • collaborating with the product team (HoP, UX / UI),
  • coordinating of work with supervisors,
  • documenting solutions.
What we expect from you:
  • at least 2 years of commercial experience developing front-end solutions (including one year with React),
  • good knowledge of React,
  • good knowledge of JavaScript (ES6 +),
  • good knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3,
  • experience in working with the MUI library,
  • experience in working with TypeScript,
  • experience working with Redux,
  • knowledge of the rules of RWD,
  • experience in working with the REST API,
  • knowledge of English, which allows to work with technical documentation,
  • conscientiousness in performing the tasks,
  • ability to work in a team and coordinate their work,
  • ability to think logically,
  • willingness to learn and develop,
  • good communication skills,
  • openness to new challenges,
  • good taste and accuracy in implementing interfaces based on mock-ups,
  • problem solving skills.
Technology stack and tools:

Technology stack: React, TypeScript, MUI, Redux, Axios, i18next, Git flow | Gatsby.js, Grav CMS.

Tools: Slack, Discord, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Figma, VisualCode, Webstorm.

Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, GCP.

  • basic knowledge of code testing with front-end libraries (Jest, Testing Library, Cypress),
  • experience working with Jira and Confluence,
  • experience working with Git Flow and CI / CD,
  • experience working with WebSocket,
  • knowledge of npm and webpack,
  • knowledge of the tools ESLint, Prettier, Husky,
  • knowledge of web application architecture and common design patterns,
  • uusiness understanding of the product
  • knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry,
  • experience in developing applications for the FinTech sector.
Career Path:
  1. Frontend Developer - programming, contributing to the conception of selected product elements and planning their further development, expanding architectural knowledge.

  2. Senior Frontend Developer / Tech Lead - programming, technological decision making, management of team tasks.

  3. Head Of Development - full responsibility for the architecture as well as for the entire lifecycle of the system and the work of the team in the project. An understanding of business requirements and ability to translate them into architecture is a must for this position. Prioritization of tasks leading to the creation of a product and elimination of technical debt is also required.
Benefits and perks:
  • salary PLN 14,000 - 20,000 net - B2B
  • 26 paid days off in case of B2B contract,
  • Medicover Premium private medical care package,
  • MultiSport Plus package,
  • equipment - desktop computer / laptop, monitors and office accessories,
  • full-time employment,
  • the possibility of adjusting working hours,
  • work in remote mode or from pur office in Kraków or Poznań,
  • the opportunity to participate in an internal training program,
  • participation in business and integration meetings,
  • work in an atmosphere of innovation, in a multidisciplinary team of professionals.