Head of Consulting

PLN 15,000 - 25,000 net + VAT - B2B

Norion is a startup company built from the ground up by the ICEO team. It is an innovative organization where we help entrepreneurs enter the world of Blockchain and Web3. As Norion, we believe that by providing the best Blockchain solutions, we can improve the functioning of the economy and contribute to the success of many innovative projects.

Our customers are companies from the traditional market and blockchain startups that want to create and publish their own token. We are known for offering customized tools for issuing and managing digital tokens. In addition to technology, we have ready-made legal solutions and access to investors and business angels, thanks to which we provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs and enable them to take their first steps in the world of Web3, DeFi and Metaverse.

Our consulting department is responsible for creating a tokenization strategy and developing tokenomics. It is composed of pioneers in the field of business consulting in the blockchain environment. Due to the growing interest in tokenization and the increasing number of orders, we are looking for another member for our Norion team!

The position of Head of Consulting is a unique opportunity, thanks to which you can develop in several areas at the same time:

  • organization and team building,
  • capital allocation and procurement processes,
  • crypto-asset market and its peculiarities,
  • business model creation, tokenization strategies and tokenomics.

For us, nothing is impossible to "tokenize"! So if you have been passionate about crypto assets for a long time, understand the idea of decentralization, and want to contribute to the big change the world needs now - Norion is the place for you.

Your responsibilities will include:
  • taking responsibility for setting up and developing the consulting department (setting goals, recruiting, implementing staff, team management),
  • coordinating the delivery of consulting services and expanding the scope of services in the future:
    • developing a tokenization strategy,
    • overseeing the process of analysis and development of necessary materials,
    • supervising the tokenomics design process,
    • developing emission plans and monitoring their implementation,
    • monitoring the issuance process, adapting the strategy to market changes,
  • coordinating activities between the technical, legal (office and accounting), and business parts of the tokenization process,
  • coordinating activities within the team,
  • conducting daily meetings with the team,
  • conducting workshop sessions with the client/team,
  • monitoring tasks and estimating them,
  • taking care of the appropriate structure of knowledge repository,
  • taking responsibility for the implementation of individual projects for customers through the department,
  • taking care if the strategies developed by the department are in line with Norion's vision and mission,
  • reporting on the activities of the department,
  • participating in regular meetings at management/board level,
  • supporting the product development prioritization process,
  • appearing at conferences as a tokenization expert or preparing another team member for the role of speaker,
  • assisting with investor recruitment,
  • overseeing the issuance process,
  • documenting knowledge developed by the department and/or development of documentation processes.
What we expect from you:
  • understanding of the concept of tokenization and its operating mechanisms,
  • passion for the crypto asset market and interest in blockchain,
  • knowledge of at least one blockchain ecosystem at an advanced level (e.g. Ethereum (including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain), Terra, Polka Dot),
  • ability to navigate the blockchain environment (ability to use a cryptocurrency wallet and perform transactions, knowledge of DEX, credit protocols, volatility loss, gas wars, interesting hacks & tricks),
  • smooth navigation between ecosystems (support for different bridges),
  • ability to search for information in the market,
  • knowledge of the issuer perspective on investment market issues,
  • analytical skills and understanding of business issues,
  • ability to coordinate work between teams and with external firms,
  • good command of the English language, both written and spoken,
  • diligence in performing tasks and very good organization of own work,
  • team leadership skills,
  • excellent communication and presentation skills,
  • business relationship building skills,
  • ability to create knowledge documentation and develop documentation processes.
  • experience in a senior position at IB, a brokerage house or a crypto launchpad,
  • experience with equity issuance, crowdfunding, or the ICO process,
  • experience working on a cryptocurrency project,
  • knowledge of Jira and Confluence tools,
  • experience working with agile methodology.
Benefits and perks:
  • salary PLN 15,000 - 25,000 net + VAT - B2B
  • 26 paid days off in case of B2B contract,
  • the possibility of employment on the basis of a permanent employment contract,
  • private medical care package,
  • full-time employment,
  • the possibility of adjusting working hours,
  • work in remote mode or from our office in Krakow,
  • participation in industry events,
  • expanding knowledge in the field of blockchain technology and tokenization,
  • development of management skills,
  • the opportunity to participate in an internal training program,
  • participation in business and integration meetings.