User Experience (UX)
as a Service

Benefit from the expertise of our team, which is specialized in product improvement and optimization of customer acquisition

Why do you need UX models and support?

Before you create an application, you need to develop its models that can be used to test the solution and to create a more effective specification - it will help you to avoid many problems and unnecessary costs.

Advantages according to


He will study the visualization of the idea, which will enable him to assess the solution in terms of meeting the market needs and introducing changes that will maximize effectiveness.


He will receive clear information about the assumed functionalities and will have an opportunity to discuss the scope of work with professional by using graphic examples


He will be able to thoroughly understand the product and plan appropriate content and communication for the customers.

How does the UX building look like?


What are the needs and expectations of customers? What experiences do we want to deliver?


What are we delivering today? What is missing?


Gap analysis. What needs to be changed to create the desired experiences and meet customer expectations.

Acceptation process

Testing introduced changes through A / B tests. Customer response measurement based on KPI and qualitative research.


Implementation of the best solutions. Establishment of the new KPIs.

Already have customers? Study their behaviour until you obtain the result, which will allow you to increase profits

The analysis of user behavior on the website and the continuous improvement of UX lead to an income increase as real effects are usually visible after the first implementations.

2000 users
+ $20,000
After UX optimisation
7000 users
+ $70,000

Sample data of 100,000 application users who are paying

Award winning portfolio

The most intuitive trading app in Europe

Interactive - Behance Award

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The best template and practices for the e-commerce industry

5 features of UX dream team

  • It puts user experience first
  • It connects experts with diversified experience
  • Does not assume - examines real customer behaviour
  • Takes care of aesthetics and pays attention to details
  • Collects as much data, about users, as possible