Venture Building

We build companies from the ground up and scale them effectively through well-defined processes, our own ecosystem of resources, network of relationships and expert teams.

Venture Building

Venture Building – what makes our model outstanding

We set up and grow businesses in a repeatable way, maintaining a reasonable approach, minimising risk and full team commitment.

Our model

Future technologies
Technologies of the future
We build future-ready companies. In each new project, we can share and use the resources we have acquired: know-how, technology and source code.
Team of experts
The team of experts
We build not only companies, but first of all relationships. We hire with long-term cooperation in mind, rather than for a single project. As a result, we have close-knit teams of experts whose competences can be effectively combined when we start new ventures.
Risk minimization
Risk minimization
We build companies from the ground up, based on our own proven and repeatable process. We make critical decisions at each stage, minimising market and product risks.
Factual decisions
We verify the results and the market conditions on an ongoing basis. If the analyses show that a given project is not bringing the expected results, we change our approach or decide it is time to quit.
Rational approach
Rational approach
We work with passion, but maintain a healthy level of attachment to the ideas we undertake. If they do not meet the expectations we can drop them and transfer resources to other projects.
Starting advantage
Advantage at the start
When building new businesses, we don't start from scratch. We have a comprehensive ecosystem of resources. This streamlines market entry, reduces initial costs and helps to scale up faster.

We have developed an effective and proven process

We have experience of the entire value creation process needed to successfully build companies from the ground up.
We have established a repeatable, well-defined process that involves making critical decisions at each stage.

1 Ideation Harvesting & Defining

  • Arrow right Ideas generation and initial selection

Macro and micro trends

New industries


2 Verification Learning & Verifying

  • Arrow right Market testing of key risks






3 Creation Building & Releasing

  • Arrow right First satisfied customers
  • Arrow right Product development


Product creation

4 Spin-out Investing & Growing

  • Arrow right First revenues

Product Market Fit



5 Scale-up

  • Arrow right Product
    stabilisation and

Preparation for scaling

New channels and markets

We have our own ecosystem
of expertise and resources

We have been involved in building startups at all stages: from investing to building the company and being members of a startup team.
We have on board proven talents and skills needed to conquer new markets.

Research Finance & Fundraising Business Strategy Go-To-Market Legal Design Leadership Marketing Product Development HR & Talent Software Engineering

We work in innovative fields



We have many years of experience in building and scaling FinTechs. We have created online payments, foreign exchange and trading platform solutions. One of our companies offers a full range of tokenisation, including the creation of Web 3.0 business models with tokenomics, as well as traditional assets.

Big Data

Big Data

Operating in the area of Big Data, we can create solutions to support, such as the prediction of key parameters, making complex business decisions and drawing conclusions based on the analysis of large and complex data sets.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0

We build companies ready for the web of the next generation, Web 3.0. Its driving force is blockchain and solutions based on it, AI, ML or VR. At its core are concepts that are important to us, such as metaverse and decentralization in terms of financial transactions and control over one's own data.

We build companies with ambitious professionals