2023 in Review: A Year of Milestones and Growth

Karolina Kondrak

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25 January 2024

With 2023 now closed, let us take a moment to acknowledge the highlights that defined the past year. We had numerous reasons to celebrate, we learnt many lessons, all of them strengthening our bonds and fueling our motivation for even more success.

What happened? We've launched a new, game-changing venture, established a fresh department, welcomed numerous new team members, and accomplished – and smashed – our goals!

We’re now focusing on carrying the momentum and wins of 2023 into the next phase, leveraging the robust foundation we've laid.

ICEO Studio – our new department crafted to ensure success

In a significant milestone achieved in September 2023, we proudly introduced the ICEO Studio, an innovative team designed to transform ideas into realities. It is a well-oiled machine, seamlessly handling the generation, and evaluation of new venture concepts.

This strategic move represents a spin-off from our time-tested process of constructing successful companies, the success of which has led us to the decision to scale it for increased effectiveness and organization.

The primary objective of the ICEO Studio is to leverage expert knowledge to swiftly generate and assess new business ideas. Backed by a team of highly talented individuals and supported by our ecosystem, which encompasses standardized modules like KYC microservices and Payments modules, we accelerate the development of individual application components.

All concepts undergo our flexible and proven process, enabling us to validate ideas more swiftly. Upon confirmation of our hypotheses, we prepare for the establishment of an independent organization.

ZND – our brand new company with a success story to match

We added a new, fantastic venture to our portfolio and it is penning a success story that's turning heads.

In December we launched the ZND platform: our fresh take on digital finance — simple, accessible, and built for everyone. It is a revolutionary platform for managing digital assets for anyone who wants to explore the finance, Web 3.0 and blockchain worlds in a safe and intuitive environment and to reap the benefits of this transformative landscape.

We have created it in partnership with zondacrypto – one of Europe’s largest and most regulated exchanges. The robust regulatory expertise of zondacrypto combined with our flair and skill in constructing high-value tech companies, our proven processes, exceptional talent, and comprehensive resources have proven to be a perfect match.

ZND platform – the new ICEO venture.

This launch is so exciting because it brings us even closer to achieving our core goal: to make the benefits of digital assets accessible to everyone – not only crypto experts, but also individuals who are new to the world of future currencies. This venture is a testament to our mission to shape the future of the FinTech realm.

And the results speak for themselves!

👉After 3 hours we had more than 50 users and 20 opened subscriptions. 👉In the first 24 hours after the launch customers initiated subscriptions worth a staggering €2.500.000.

And this is only the beginning. Stay tuned as we unveil the next chapters – the best is yet to come, with more features going live soon.

Linity keeps thriving

Linity, our fresh venture, is creating waves with standout moments. The growth has been phenomenal, and the journey has been filled with wins.

Embarking on its developmental journey in April 2023, Linity unfolded a strategic plan that culminated in a series of significant milestones. The initiation of a whitelist campaign in May aimed to attract early enthusiasts, setting the stage for the platform's June beta launch exclusively for whitelisted users.

👉Over the next three months, Linity received an impressive 6,000 whitelist applications. In September the platform opened its doors to all users, expanding its reach and influence. 👉 Social media became a powerful tool for Linity, with Twitter seeing huge growth from zero to 17,000 followers, while Discord and Telegram communities flourished with 14,500 and 10,000 members, respectively, in just eight months (April to December).

Linity's commitment to community involvement was reflected in the collaborative development of groundbreaking features. The Badge System rewarded users for completing tasks, the Activities Tracker enabled progress monitoring, and the Favorites feature allowed users to curate their preferred projects. Welcome to the even smoother and intuitive Linity.

Linity upped its game with a slick PWA Mobile App, making everything just a tap away. Then, in January, a revamped homepage was unveiled. Seamless access, constant upgrades – that's the Linity way.

Linity new design.

Linity focuses on community engagement via some key activities. Regular farming calls are conducted to guide users on airdrop farming techniques. Community calls with updates provide a direct channel for communication and transparency. Recurring X Spaces sessions cover crypto-related topics, featuring guest speakers from other projects. Exclusive contests are held for the platform and Discord community, fostering a sense of participation. These initiatives aim to educate and involve users while maintaining a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

This strategy not only propelled Linity's growth but also established it as a dynamic player in the crypto landscape, blending innovation with community inclusivity.

Cheers to many more milestones ahead!

100 employees and counting!

In the year 2023, we reached a huge milestone: our team grew to 100 experts, and we couldn't be happier about it! Each of us has played a crucial part in shaping our journey by bringing in unique skills, passion, and expertise. It's not just a number; it reflects the heart and soul of what we're building together.

This isn't just another update; it's a nod to the dedication and collaboration that defines us. As we take a moment to celebrate, let's also look ahead to the ongoing journey. In 2023, we solidified our community, and there's a lot more growth and success in store for us. Together, we're on the path to something extraordinary, and it's all thanks to you.

But it's not just about the headcount; it resonates with our joy in growth, and we're not stopping here.

If you're eager to play a part in building future-ready companies with us, we welcome your interest – take a peek at our Careers page!

Looking forward

As we close this chapter, we look ahead with genuine excitement for what the future holds. Our team, brimming with innovative ideas and a proven process for bringing them to life, is well-poised for the journey ahead.

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapters in our company's narrative. And as we reflect on our collective achievements, it's impossible not to acknowledge the true architects of our success – each and every one of our phenomenal team members. Together, we shape the future!

Karolina Kondrak

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