What is a Venture Builder?

Wojciech Sroka

5 min of reading

10 October 2020

People who decide to start their own business more and more often choose to present their idea to venture builders and use their help. It comes without a suprise. Companies like ours have the infrastructure, technology, human resources and network of contacts that will get you started on the market. But what exactly does our work entail?

To put it in simple words, we are a company that creates its own startups and enterprises. Everything starts with an idea that later on is transformed into a product and well prospering business.

Our role does not end with product and technology creation. Unlike traditional capital builders, we do not limit ourselves to only investing in technology startups. Our goal is to create a company from the beginning, until the very end. We are involved in all activities and processes long before the official registration of the company.

Experiences derived from multiple projects gives us a strategic approach to our future work and lets us avoid making the same mistakes a few times. We make every effort to ensure that complex decisions, such as the selection of the appropriate technology, software languages, could facilitate work in the later stages of business development and enable quick scaling of solutions to existing problems.

Moreover some of the modules and technologies are co-shared, thanks to that they can be used in future projects. We not only provide simple solutions that enable access to simple websites, but also create safe solutions dedicated for fine tech companies such as login modules which disables the possibility to join websites with Gmail or social media accounts.

We will also help you to deal with things such as company licensing, legal solutions, KYC/AML, which may be daunting issues in the further development of the company.

What is the key to success in our companies?

The combination of experience in building companies and the knowledge of our tech developers gives our startups the opportunity to stay ahead of the market competition. In addition to preparing the business to appear on the market, we also deal with the elements necessary for further development and success. One of these elements is the creation of a comprehensive business model. It is the foundation of every strong enterprise. The specialists we employ also prepare a business strategy that will convert into the company's future profits.

Venture builder also supports companies with finances, human resources management, logistics and legal advice. Thanks to this, the newly established enterprise does not have to worry about organizational matters and from the very beginning can focus entirely on the product improvement, technology development and refining business models. Thanks to that startups gain valuable time and are able to enter the market months or even years ahead of the competition.

The businesses that work with us often collaborate with each other. The network we have created consists of companies at various stages of development and specializing in different fields. This complementary ecosystem undoubtedly facilitates the development of our enterprises.

Corporate innovations

The concept of building a business we use serves companies all over the world. Many corporations create smaller companies that resolve problems that the known business giants struggle to deal with. Just like us, corporations strive for the startup to develop and gain complete independence.

An example of a company created to meet the needs of a global corporation is Dynamic Yield which is owned by McDonald's. The technology created by the project team is designed to examine the preferences of McDonald's customers and display to them products corresponding with their identified preferences. Dynamic Yield is not the only startup owned by the fast food giant. In September 2019, McDonalds decided to purchase the American company- Apparente, thanks to which customers which use drive-throughs can be operated by a machine with artificial intelligence.

Venture builder provides entrepreneurs, corporations, managers and engineers with great development opportunities. We also contribute to the professional development of company employees, regardless of their position and stage of career development. We want every company that gains independence to be fully ready to act independently and conquer the market.

"Digital transformation, the key to the new future"

More and more companies attempt to transfer their services to the digital world and start to look for proven solutions that would allow the complete implementation of this process. According to the data of the Digital Transformation Index report prepared by Dell Technologies, companies that adapt and create digital solutions occupy as much as 45% of all companies operating in this niche. This number increases every year.

Digital transformation requires businesses to integrate technology in all areas of their business, which fundamentally changes the way the entire company operates and how a product is delivered to the customer. Creation of the software that enables digitization is only 20-30% of the process. The remaining 70-80% is a good preparation of the project, which is the venture builder responsibility. Thanks to being part of multiple projects and staying up to date with the newest market trends, we are able to create products that meet the current requirements of potential customers.

Wojciech Sroka

Entrepreneur from an early age. Supposedly he wrote business plans before he could walk. Creator of startups and expert in building product strategies and effective business models. Ensures that products are always based on market data and real needs of the target group. He has experience working on projects in FinTech, MarTech, Big Data and Blockchain. He can listen to and talk to anyone, regardless of industry or position, and work out an agreement in the most difficult situations.