A Behance success! Going for another with an eCommerce UI Kit

Justyna Laskowska

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16 October 2019

Despite new technologies and solutions emerging, eCommerce has been facing the same problems year after year. Abandoned carts, counterintuitive user interfaces and UX shortcomings… We’ve decided to change this. Based on years of experience with eCommerce and consumer behavior research, we have designed a UI Kit. Initial testing shows great promise.

Our UI Kit is both web- and mobile-ready, because we’re well aware that eCommerce is a multi-platform undertaking. One of our past projects – SalesBee Marketing Automation – analyzed consumer data and behavior in order to maximize sales. It’s thanks to SalesBee data, as well as eye tracking research carried out for the UI Kit’s UX optimization that we were able to successfully test its effectiveness.

The biggest problem in eCommerce is primarily the lack of understanding of the user and their needs. Web designers, are forgetting that users want to get from the main page to checkout easily, securely and relatively fast. Attractive presentation isn’t optional, but it’s the frameworks and UX that serve as the backbone of your store. While our solutions may seem obvious when gathered neatly into one case study, we rarely see them implemented.

That being said, we encourage you to take a look at our in depth case study on – Behance – what constitutes a good online store.

How do we know that?

Our team has worked on numerous projects. One of which – BitBay mobile exchange app – got featured on Behance in two categories: Xd and, more importantly, Interaction. The app is to this day regarded as one of the best mobile exchanges. In it, we have implemented unconventional UX solutions, such as a custom numerical keyboard that facilitates fast-paced cryptocurrency trading. It’s just one of many examples that shows how, by paying attention to detail, we can help you achieve success.

Are you a designer? You may want to download our UI Kit. Do it now:


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