Mastering Remote Work: The ICEO Way

Karolina Kondrak

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18 September 2023

Fully remote and flawlessly connected – that's how we roll at ICEO! But what's our secret to making it work?

At ICEO, our commitment to remote work was established long before it became the new normal or the latest trend (catapulted into the spotlight in recent times, due to the global pandemic). We've embraced this lifestyle wholeheartedly, establishing ourselves as a truly remote-first company right from our inception.

But what makes remote work at ICEO so unique, and how do we ensure efficiency and innovation while working from diverse corners of the globe?

In this article, we'll dive into the heart of our remote work philosophy and our forward-thinking approach to create an environment that fosters productivity, innovation, and genuine human connections.

The ICEO Remote Work Culture

At ICEO, remote work is not just a perk – it's the very essence of our company culture. Our commitment to remote work empowers our team members to work on their own terms, from their chosen locations, while helping us gain access to Europe's best and brightest talent. We prioritize flexibility, granting our employees the freedom to structure their work-life balance as they see fit.

Efficiency through Established Processes

Maintaining efficiency in a remote work environment requires meticulous planning and well-defined processes. At ICEO, we've put these in place, ensuring seamless collaboration, clear communication, and effective project management. Our remote work infrastructure enables us to maintain high levels of productivity, no matter where our team members are based. As we like to put it: “talent knows no borders”.

Efficient remote work at ICEO.

Semi-flexible Working Hours

While autonomy and independence are crucial, so is collaboration. To strike the right balance, we offer semi-flexible working hours. We encourage our team members to be available between 11 am and 3 pm CEST, allowing them to organize the rest of their workday according to their needs and preferences.

The ICEO Virtual Office

At ICEO, we didn't just settle for remote work; we wanted to make it even better. That's how our ICEO Virtual Office came to be. We were on a mission to create the perfect space for remote work, but the tools available didn't quite fit the bill. So, we turned to our trusty Research and Development team. With their expertise, we built the ICEO Virtual Office, which has become the heart of our remote work setup. Within this virtual realm, team members find designated team rooms. Our custom solution seamlessly integrates with other essential tools, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined workflow for our remote teams. It keeps us productive and connected, no matter where we are. This highlights our dedication to staying ahead in the world of remote work by constantly improving and innovating.

Today, the ICEO Virtual Office serves as the cornerstone of our remote work ecosystem. It ensures productivity and fosters a sense of togetherness, regardless of where our team members are physically located. It's worth noting that our Virtual Office is also being adopted by teams in our new ventures, further solidifying its reputation as an essential tool for successful remote work across diverse projects and companies.

Navigating Remote Work at ICEO

At ICEO, we've harnessed the power of remote work to create a dynamic and connected team, even though our 90+ employees are spread across diverse cities, countries, and continents. We've always cherished the flexibility that remote work provides, but equally, we've recognized the value of cultivating tight-knit teams and open communication. So, how do we keep the communication fire burning in our remote landscape?

The Art of Smart Meetings

In our world, remote work isn't just about working from different locations; it's about working together efficiently. Regular online meetings are the heartbeat of our organization. What sets us apart is our flexibility when it comes to scheduling these meetings. We don't adhere to rigid timetables. Instead, we customize meeting frequencies and formats to match the unique needs and preferences of each team and project.

If a simple email can get the job done, that's the route we take. However, when it's time for ICEO All Meetings, we take collaboration to new heights by bringing everyone into one virtual room, proving that geographical boundaries pose no challenge to our strong connections.

ICEO All Online Meeting.

The offline side of life

Indeed, we understand the value of the offline side of life. While remote work allows us to stay connected and productive from anywhere, we also cherish the moments when we can come together in person, strengthening our bonds and creating lasting memories. At ICEO, we're not just about work; we're about fostering a sense of community and camaraderie that goes beyond the digital realm. We strengthen bonds through company events and team parties. And for those who miss the traditional office vibes, our Kraków location welcomes you with open arms. The camaraderie that usually develops within the confines of a traditional office space is still very much alive.

ICEO offline events and parties.

Join us, no distance can keep us apart

As the world continues to evolve, remote work is here to stay, and ICEO is at the forefront of this movement. Our remote work culture, commitment to efficiency, and our proprietary solutions have set us apart in the world of remote-first companies.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a more flexible, productive, and innovative way of working. Your next career move could be just around the corner! Explore our career opportunities and become a part of the ICEO crew today.

Join ICEO and work fully remotely.

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