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Leszek Skowron

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09 February 2024

ICEO Announces Strategic Partnership with Atlas Sgr Spa and Atlas AI^VB Fund I to Accelerate Innovation and Market Expansion

[London, 5th February 2024] ICEO Group, known for building innovative tech businesses for over 14 years, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Atlas Sgr Spa (Atlas) and its investment vehicle, Atlas AI^VB Fund I (the Fund). This landmark collaboration is set to foster a new era of innovation, data sharing, investment exploration, and market entry facilitation, aimed at enhancing the growth and success of ventures within the ICEO ecosystem.

Empowering Startups through Investment Exploration

Under this partnership, the Fund will actively explore investment opportunities within ICEO's portfolio companies, identifying ventures with significant growth potential. This initiative is designed to support projects in achieving their success milestones by providing them with the necessary financial backing and resources.

Enhancing Connectivity through Timely Investment Notifications

ICEO will strive to inform the Fund promptly about any impending or ongoing funding rounds within its portfolio, facilitating direct connections between the Fund and the founders. This ensures that potential investment opportunities are assessed promptly, enabling well-informed and timely decision-making.

The partnership will enable ICEO and its startups to enter the Italian corporate market, and is a testament to a shared vision between ICEO and Atlas Sgr Spa for promoting innovation and growth, supporting entrepreneurial endeavours, and creating lasting value within the broader ecosystem. It marks a significant step towards facilitating the success of ICEO ventures and contributing to the dynamic and evolving entrepreneurial landscape.

About ICEO

ICEO stands as a distinguished venture-building company with a rich 14-year legacy on the technology stage. ICEO's track record includes the creation of 42 tech startups, collectively valued at over $100 million. With a portfolio of 16 successful exits, we, as seasoned entrepreneurs, adhere to a proven process that prioritises market-driven startups leveraging the expertise of more than 100 top-notch specialists from 12 countries that we have in the team. Our proven venture-building model lets us turn promising ideas into thriving companies utilising our ecosystem that generates impactful synergies.

About Atlas Sgr Spa and Atlas AI^VB Fund I

Atlas Sgr Spa is a prominent investment firm, managing the Atlas AI^VB Fund I, a fund dedicated to identifying and supporting high-potential ventures with the aim of driving innovation and success within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Atlas AI^VB Fund I is the first VC fund focused on Generative AI and Cybersecurity ("SaaS Deep Tech") that allows investors to benefit from the Venture Builder model, occupying an empty space in the sector and exploiting hyper-growth SaaS Deep Tech opportunities in markets with outstanding innovative trends.

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Leszek Skowron