We invest in sports promotion. LocalPlay enters the game!

Wojciech Sroka

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15 lutego 2021

LocalPlay, the community platform for planning sports activities and sports careers that we invested in in 2020 - is now online! More than 10,000 users have registered on the application in the first two weeks after its release. The interest has exceeded the creators' expectations, but that's not all they plan to offer. Sports venue rentals with in-app payments, an advertising system to support facility owners, and tokenization. Those are just a few of the Hudecki brothers' plans.

In late 2019, the programmers - Bartek and Kamil Hudecki - showed up at our office with a proposal to start a sports tech startup. The brothers, football fans and passionate athletes from Limanowa, decided to turn their long-standing passion for physical activity and experience from playing in league clubs into a business. Their goal was to create a platform thanks to which you can organize joint sports activities with just a few clicks in the mobile application. Staying active and developing your skills is now as easy as ordering a pizza.

LocalPlay is a platform with a wide range of possibilities. It is designed for both professionals and amateurs. It facilitates the joint planning of sports events, the organization of meetings, sparring, tournaments, the recruitment in clubs and schools and the development of a sports career.

After a series of joint workshops and the development of the project concept, we made a decision to invest $ 50,000 in creating the platform. Work on the beta version started in full swing in 2020. The web platform and mobile application for Android devices were launched in autumn 2020. Already two weeks after the start, over 10,000 users who created over a thousand events registered on LocalPlay!

LocalPlay connects players of different disciplines (soccer, volleyball, tennis, card or even board games) so they can conveniently arrange to play together and develop their athletic skills. The platform supports both amateur and professional players by providing them with a range of functionalities, such as:

  • adding announcements about events,
  • matches and missing players,
  • an interactive map of events in the area,
  • the possibility to create an individual athlete profile,
  • a zone for coaches and club managers to facilitate the search for players,
  • information about renting sports facilities,
  • showcases of clubs, schools and sports associations.

Because of the extensive list of options, LocalPlay is not only a good place to go to get back into sports after winter and the pandemic.

Parents and guardians can find help in developing the passion of young sports enthusiasts. Thanks to the search engine for sports schools and clubs and the recommendations of other users, they can choose the best place to start their adventure with a particular discipline. When passion turns into career plans, the athlete's profile, contact with coaches and managers help them to achieve further success. LocalPlay also enables the recruitment of participants in tournaments and events, as well as the promotion of sports clubs and associations.

The Hudecki brothers are already planning further development of the platform. Currently, the startup is applying for funding from multiple sources. There are several goals for raising the funds.

The first is to expand the functionality of renting sports facilities. This year, the application will be expanded to include direct payments for renting halls, courts or playing fields. Convenient and cashless. Currently, LocalPlay offers over 3,000 sports facilities.

The second goal is to create a comprehensive advertising system that makes it easy for sports clubs and smaller venues to monetize their advertising space. In this way, the platform will support facility operators in acquiring advertising customers and make campaign management and billing much easier for them.

Third, tokenization. The Hudecki brothers want to revolutionize the sports market and its financing through tokenization. With blockchain technology in tow, they want to make it easier for all fans to support their favorite athletes and teams. Token holders will receive a number of benefits, such as the right to vote on certain issues related to the club's activity or the player's career. And that's not all! The creators of the platform have an idea for even wider use of tokenization.

LocalPlay is a platform with great potential. Created with passion for sports and professional technological knowledge. We will surely write soon about the next achievements of this project.

Wojciech Sroka

Entrepreneur from an early age. Supposedly he wrote business plans before he could walk. Creator of startups and expert in building product strategies and effective business models. Ensures that products are always based on market data and real needs of the target group. He has experience working on projects in FinTech, MarTech, Big Data and Blockchain. He can listen to and talk to anyone, regardless of industry or position, and work out an agreement in the most difficult situations.